Prestige Financial Tax Service


Federal, State and Payroll Tax Preparations

Whether your company is:

  • a C-Corporation,
  • S-Corp,
  • Limited Liability Company - Single member or Multiple members
  • Partnership
  • Sole Proprietor

We can prepare all required State Franchise Tax, State Sales & Use Tax, Payroll Tax and Federal Tax filings. We can e-file up to 3 tax years.

We will review prior filed tax returns to insure that all tax credits and deductions were utilized at no charge. If we find missing deductions and credits which causes you refund to increase or your tax liability to be reduced, we can amend your tax return for a fee. Fees may vary.

We can also assist and support taxpayer(s) during an IRS audit whether we processed the return or not. We also support taxpayers in resolving any IRS tax collection problems and acquire a reasonable Installment Plan with the IRS - Department of Treasury.

We cater to all service industries.